Wednesday, 27 February 2013

London Day 3: Buckingham Palace & The London Eye

Our aim for this morning was to catch the infamous 11:30am changing of the guards ceremony at Buckingham Palace.  We took the Piccadilly line to Green Park, only to realise we'd made the rookie mistake of turning up without actually checking if it was happening today. Turns out the next ceremony was the following day... my bad!

We did, however, manage to make it to the horse guards parades at Whitehall, a ten minute walk away. There's something so beautifully old world about the tradition, definitely a must see if it's your first time in London!

Jacket: Barbour Jumper & Jeans: Topshop Scarf: Ralph Lauren Boots: Daisy Street Bag: Ebay

Lizzy's home!

Princess Diana memorial walk plaque

Luckily, most of the main tourist attractions are within walking distance from Green Park. But if you want to skip the traditional ceremonies, take the tube directly to 'Westminster Station' to find yourselves a stones throw away from Big Ben and practically in shadow of the London Eye!

Westminster Abbey's Sundial

We call this the 'looking whimsically into the future' gaze

Before heading home, we spent a good half hour on the London Eye. Although it was surprisingly more expensive than the Eiffel Tower, the stunning 360 views of London seemed worth it. But after ten minutes my camera decided it was far too important for the London Eye and ran out of battery. I luckily had my kodak disposable camera with me, so once I get it developed I'll make sure I share the snaps!

What's your favourite tourist attraction in London? Know any hidden gems?

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

London Day 2: Crystal Palace

Since we were still recovering from yesterday, we decided to stay local and have a relaxing mooch around Crystal Palace. I thought I'd still post about the quaint little town as, I know I'm biased but, I really love it!

The streets are aligned with quirky boutiques, not to mention the beautiful Crystal Palace Park - we're lucky enough to have our kitchen & living room windows overlooking it! It's lovely people watching on a cozy Sunday morning and having a nosy at families going about their day... especially when it's been snowing. (You'd also be surprised how many joggers there are Christmas morning!)

 Sorry for the mess, going for that Tracey Emin vibe 

We may or may not have forgotten to move our shopping bags...

Me:  Jumper: Barnardo's  Jeans: H&M  Shoes: Converse  Necklace: Topshop)
Livvy: Jacket: Oasis Scarf: Ralph Lauren  Jeans: H&M  Bottletop Bag: Hoopers  Shoes: Converse

graffiti by

South of the River

Glitter & Twisted

Bambino Antiques shop

Some goodies I picked up during the day...
L - R: Aromatherapy oil burner & Lavender oil (Sainsbury's, both under £3), Eucalyptus oil (£4.60, Boots), Happy time shower gel (99p), Milk and honey lipbalm (£1.30)

L - R: Company magazine, 1,000 places to see before you die & The Witches first edition cover (Charity shop)

L - R: Almond butter, Dr.Stuart's tranquility tea, Yogi calming tea, Vita Coco coconut water & 2x coconut bars (all under £2 each from Planta health shop).

I also picked up this Funky Beatles submarine wrapping paper and a teapot cookie cutter... how British! (both £2 each, Glitter & Twisted).
Evil eye ring (£5 in the sale, South of the River)

Finally, I thought I'd remind you all Mother's Day is looming! (10th March)

This evening, Livvy made her famous fajitas... if you want, I could do a 'how to cook...' post on them? Any Mexican foodies out there? 

We also baked Nutella Cheesecake & yes... it tastes just as good as it sounds!

Here's the recipe if you fancy giving it a go or just click for some serious food porn - I'm not judging!