Sunday, 30 November 2014

Brew Break #10 Origins / Black Friday

Whilst perusing the Origins isle of Boots yesterday afternoon, I discovered this gem for just £25...

Since testing my cousin Vicky's terrific drink up intensive overnight mask back in January, I've been itching to buy my own tube. However, at £23 a pop I always get cold feet at the till. This gift set includes three of the brands best selling face masks in 75ml tubes and as they work out a mere £8 each, it's a wee more student friendly!

I couldn't wait to start my skincare routine last night and finally apply the drink up mask. The avocado and apricot kernel oil mixture smells good enough to eat and left me waking up this morning with plump, baby soft skin. If your skin is extra dry this winter, I can't recommend this intensive mask enough as it's tremendously hydrating!

The other two masks in the set are the clear improvement active charcoal, which clears up pores and the out of trouble 10 minute mask, which I'll be reaching for whenever my skin is angry. All three are bursting with natural goodness and are luckily travel size which will come in handy when when I'm on my next adventure! 

What's your go-to face mask?

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Brew Break #9 Mini Body Shop Haul

During high school back in my hippie vegetarian days, I used to only use The Body Shop products. My grandmother bought me a book by the founder, Anita Roddick, one Christmas which left a great impression on me. Much like Lush, I really respect the brands ethos such as their no testing on animals policy and 'beauty with heart' motto. It's also quite a sentimental brand for me, as I grew up on a tiny island where there weren't many big brand shops, one of the few being The Body Shop. Once I started my blog back in 2012, I began to branch out and experiment with more expensive brands.

This afternoon I found myself in Bromley to seize the remnants of yesterday's manic Black Friday sales and found myself back in that old familiar olive shop. Although yesterday I didn't brave the shops, I did order some cheeky bargains online and am planning on doing a black Friday blog post, but I was so impressed today that I thought I'd give them a special shout out.

As I have the tendency of going a little cuckoo when shopping, I tend to know what I'm hunting for before I leave to minimise bank damage.

Vitamin E range:

For years, I've massaged Vitamin E oil around my eyes in the evening as I find it helps reduce the dark circles and is incredibly relaxing before Bedfordshire. I've had my eye on the face mist for a while as I loved its rose water scent and thought it would be perfect to keep in my handbag as a stress reliever. *Especially during London rush hour.*

I also picked up from the range their Aqua Boost Sorbet as I've recently been on the lookout for a new night cream. The velvet texture is heavenly and I love the luxury baby pink pot.


It's only been five hours and I've already accidentally dipped my nose too close whilst sniffing the coconuty goodness twice... Oopsy Daisy!

At the counter, I was tempted to buy a loyalty card as upon joining you're given a free 50ml tub of body butter. I opted for the cult classic coconut edition as the scent takes me straight back to those rough Monday mornings and endless pleads of "Muuuum, do I have to go to school?'.

As I was filling in my members form, I was granted to chose anything in the shop worth £5 as it's my birthday month... could this day get any better? It took me a good fifteen, but I eventually settled on this aloe lip care as I can't count the amount of times Estée has raved about it #essiebuttoneffect.

As a side note, it wasn't until I got home and checked my bag that I not only noticed a £10 off my next purchase (when I spend £25) voucher but also a 20% discount code off my first online purchase. These will be ideal for buying last minute Christmas treats for friends and colleagues. I swear I'm not sponsored, I just bloody love The Body Shop!

This afternoon I also found an unbelievable bargain in Boots so keep your eyes peeled as I'll be writing about that tomorrow evening.

Happy Saturday, you lovely lot!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Get Out Of Your Own Way!

Happy Thanksgiving to folks across the pond!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Bibbidi-Bobbidi Bits & Bobs #3

Good evening Petals, long time no speak!

Since we last spoke, I've been a busy bee with lots of assignments, family birthdays (including yours truly) and a cheeky trip to Corfu after a bout of homesickness! I've also just moved back up north from London which means once a week I'll be commuting down South for uni. In other words, it's been a rather stressful few weeks. On my countless train journeys, I've been screenshotting bursts of inspiration and bookmarking eclectic bits and bobs that have tickled my fancy!

It's only right to begin with the event of the month YEAR...

It's been over a week and I still catch myself daydreaming about Solange's dreamy wedding. The wedding dress, the wedding jumpsuit, the gold cuffs, the bicycles, THE CAPE... it's any Pinteresters heaven! Can we also take a moment to fawn over her adorable mother-son wedding dance too?!

If (like me) you want to see every inch of Solange's outfits from the day, this Buzzfeed article is for you. From the back of Solange's infamous jumpsuit, to the gold flecks on her husband's shoes... head to toe chic! This may also be the first time a journalist has ever referred to Beyoncé as 'Solange's sister', which still has me grinning.

During my two hour train trips from Manchester to the big smoke, I've been immersing myself into uni assignments and have found listening to full albums on Youtube really gets my creative juices flowing. Two of my favourites this month have been...

I've seen this image floating around Instagram and if I'm not mistaken believe it's a custom Adam Selman piece (the mastermind behind Rihanna's infamous CFDA fashion awards gown... remember the one covered in 230,000 swarovski crystals?). How incredible is this rainbow fringe costume?!

Yesterday the trailer for Pan was realised and oh my. Whoever was the casting director needs a huge Christmas bonus... Cara Delevingne as a mermaid and Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily? Inspired!

Anyone who knows me, knows my love for Bette Midler. 
Sundays aren't complete without watching one of her classic flicks, such as Hocus Pocus, Beaches, and my all-time favourite The First Wives Club (which features my other two loves, Diane Keaton and Goldie Hawn). A few weeks ago, Bette did her first Reddit AMA and it was just faaaabulous!

As it's Wednesday, I thought I'd add a mini Wednesday Wishlist...

Growing up surrounded by quirky designs in my dad's jewellery shop 'Mercury Design', I've always been drawn to statement pieces. Lately, I've been obsessed with the Khai Khai Zodiac medallion collection. They remind me of the Aquarius pendant my Nana has worn every day for the past 30 years... pretty spectacular! But at £2,000 a pop, I'll be swooning for quite a while!

My eyes turned into giant cartoon beating hearts when I saw this midnight blue velvet tuxedo in Topshop. BEHOLD...

Also loving these fresh to death kicks from the recent Mary Katrantzou x Adidas collaboration...

Whislt browsing online through Harper's Bazaar, I found this adorable collection of candid shots of a wee Kate Bush taken by her brother. It was clear from an early age that this performer was destined for big things.

And finally, there was one particular magazine cover that took the world by storm this month and statistically (no seriously, there's so many of them they're practically a tribe) it was more likely to be from one partiKular family. I'll let you decide...
Who did it best? Kim Kardashian or Ursula?
I'm leaning towards the sea witch ;-)

But I think we all know who really broke the internet this week...

Which is your favourite music video from the latest Beyoncé binge? 
(God love them Queen B binges!)