Thursday, 19 October 2017

You Won't Believe What Mr. Sticha Saw...

I walked past a lady this evening dressed in all black with horns -
she was smiling like she knew a secret. 

Perhaps in 12 days she'll tell us..

Sunday, 8 October 2017

What Time Is It Mr. Wolf?

My brother and I went for coffee + cake yesterday and I couldn't help but gawk at his watch: the Omega From Moon to Mars Speedmaster. My brother followed in the footsteps of our father and works in the jewellery industry, where one of his specialities is watches. It's so inspiring the way he lights up when talking about the rich history of the latest watch he's sold. We also caught the latest Quaker Oats advert the other morning featuring Buzz Aldrin, to which Bill yelled with glee 'he's wearing his speedmaster!' Buzz, and his fellow Apollo 13 astronauts, actually wore one on their trip to the Moon back in '69. That's right folks, this was the first watch on the Moon!

The history behind this watch is fascinating. The special edition number of my brother's is 1992, which is his year of birth - doesn't get much cooler than that. Bill actually has this groovy book dedicated to the watch and I planned on highlighting more of its features but it's 8:19 and Escape To The Chateau is on at 9!

When Apollo 13 safely returned to Earth, they gifted Omega the silver snoopy award, snoopy being NASA's mascot. To celebrate the 45th anniversary, Omega released a mega rare Snoopy Speedmaster! <3

My first watch was a gift from my best friend Amalia when I was 8. I still have it hidden somewhere special and more importantly am still in touch with her. In fact, I visited her in Thessaloniki last spring. Throughout high school I owned a little black casio. These days I like to keep it simple at work with my mums old watch, which was actually a gift to her from my father. Or, on my days off I often wear multiple à la this 90's swatch ad.

I've been exposed:

#me #indecisive

My dream watch is Bulgari's Serpenti watch. I mean...

In the meantime, I'll stick to something more modest. Perhaps these groovy Timex x Peanuts watches:

What's your dream watch? If you don't say Bernard's, you lyin. 

'Stop Watch' by Tom Binns

Friday, 6 October 2017

Very Important Date

Happy Mad Hatter day one and all!

2006 was a fine year - I hadn't lost my rare Harry Potter uno cards yet, walkers released a limited edition feta flavoured crisp and our primary school put on a production of Alice in Wonderland. Whilst everyone was pining for the lead role, my heart was set on the Mad Hatter. Or even the dormouse, I wasn't picky - I just desperately wanted an invite to the infamous tea party, which our set designer, Miss. Bacon, had done a stellar job of. My mum, the choreographer, had also nailed the enchanting entrance! Alas, I ended up getting the short end of the stick - the Dodo. It's been 11 years and I'm still fumin'. 

Funny enough, I found the battered script this morning and have fallen down the rabbit hole of nostalgia. It's actually also #worldsmileday and I have to agree with LOVE on this one - the most infectious grin in the biz really does belong to Slick Woods. Here, ironically, dressed as the Mad Hatter and being shot by Tim Walker for Pirelli's 2018 calendar.

Today, let's recognise the reality that is nonsense and the silliness that is sanity.