Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Brew Break #19 It's not a bag, it's a Birkin!

I've recently been on a quest for a new handbag and thought I'd share some gems currently on the high street. As I'm travelling up and down the country every week, it's important that I have a Mary Poppins bag to fit everything but the kitchen sink. Also, sadly my Rose Gold Alexander Wang Rocco Ebay dupe is on its last legs! I'm still dilly dallying about which to opt for and have also thrown in some smaller bags for good measure.

Which one's your favourite? I dare you to pick just one!

I LOVE this New Look metallic backpack - I'll take one in every colour!

1/ 2
Obligatory obscenely expensive Topshop bags that go in and out of my shopping basket more than I check the fridge for new food to appear.

Alright, I know this winged beauty wouldn't fit my uni folder - let alone my laptop - but I'm in love with the pastel colours. This would be an ideal addition to my wardrobe for spring!

You may have noticed that I'm gravitating more towards bold and bright colours. I'm hoping that if I adorn myself in them, I'll be fooled into thinking it's summer time. I'm going to invest in one of these Swedish staples one day... rucksacks have never been so chic!

Beetlejuice / Beehive / 50 Shades of Blue
Sorry - I got sidetracked with these shoulder bags.
New Look is devilishly underrated.

French Connection / Mi-Pac x Liberty / Whistles 
Dangerous ASOS territory. (The word liberty is so fun to type, almost as fun as my surname Wyer - which is like ping pong for your fingertips!)

Source: Pinterest
 I love Céline's trio handbag (how original) and although this Forever 21 dupe is evidently a cheap alternative, it's as close to the real deal this student's going to get any time soon. Geneva's DIY has been bookmarked for years, maybe this summer I'll finally get around to bobbing into Fred Aldous!

Out of all the options, this Zara number is calling me the most. It's aesthetically pleasing, reasonably priced, suede and mustard... Jackpot.

Fringed bucket bag?!

 Be still, my Penny Lane heart.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Monday Blues #9 Nutrition ROCKS!

Good morning Petals,

The last few weeks have been jam packed with uni, assignments and (liquorice) all-sorts! I thought I'd sign in quickly as today I begin a six week creative placement at Nutrition Rocks. As part of my degree, I have to take part in a 100+ hour placement, to which I'll then create an array of reflective essays and a final presentation back in Greenwich. Naturally, the first place that popped into my head was a brand I worked for back in 2013. 

If you haven't already heard of NR, it's an online magazine that encourages readers to lead a balanced lifestyle and promotes positive body image. The company is run by business woman, and my close friend, Hala El-Shafie. Not only is it a fun company to work for, but it's also incredibly fulfilling spreading such a refreshing and positive message.

During my eight months at NR, I worked as the brands PR & Marketing Assistant, as well as a features writer. I can't wait to see where the next six weeks take me and am over the moon that Hala has already offered me a permanent position once the placement is finished!

Jourdan Dunn popping over to say hi at V-fest - she's even more beautiful in real life!

 My time at NR was predominately spent preparing the logistics of our juice bar for V festival's VM Louder Lounge (the fancy shmancy VIP area), working at press events, followed by the festival itself. My time at the brand immensely helped expand my knowledge of the media world and also helped build my writing portfolio and networking skills. Overall, an invaluable summer!

You may be wondering why this post is under 'Monday Blues', it's because I wanted to share the way I originally landed the gig. It wasn't down to 'a friend of a friend' or nepotism, but sheer persistence. If you're trying to get your foot in the door, but have no connections...
Twitter is your new best friend.

Back in 2013, I'd spend hours hunting for possible jobs and eventually saw NR's tweet looking for an intern - which is the role I initially held. After a few emails back and forth between Hala, I found myself at Langan's in Mayfair for my interview. Before I knew it, we were sipping celebratory champagne and discussing upcoming events - it was all very surreal and overwhelming! Even though I dedicated the summer to the job and opted not to go home to Greece for the summer with the rest of my family and worked crazy hours, I genuinely enjoyed every minute! 

I implore you to start seeing the world with a fresh pair of eyes and see anything that sparks your curiosity as an opportunity to seize. Also, engage and connect over social media with those that inspire you, plant lots of seeds and in the future if (when) an opportunity arises, finger's crossed they'll recognise your name and give you a chance - that's when you grab the chance with both hands and run with it!

  I once read a quote that has always stuck with me:
"Talent is great, but persistence and tenacity is more important."

If you want updates on Nutrition Rocks' latest posts and some serious motivation on your feeds, follow us over on Instagram and Twitter!

Keep  blooming!

Friday, 20 February 2015

Trust Is The Lock Is The Key

Every Easter I'm in awe of my brother's girlfriend who quits chocolate for lent. As I'm - in the words of Ross Geller - carrying a little holiday weight, I'm trying to curb late night snacking. I've found that Hotel Chocolat's cocoa infusion tea is a de-LIGHT-ful treat. It's made from their left over cocoa shells and although it has 0 calories, it has a hint of chocolate which I savour. They will set you back a fiver though.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Do Not Disturb

Happy Valentine's day!

A brilliant collection of DND signs from around the globe.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Brew Break #18 GBBO Comic Relief

As you know, I recently wrote about my love for Rimmel's limited edition Red Nose Day lipstick and am all for supporting anything linked to such a noble cause. Well, tonight is a very important night, as Comic Relief joins forces once again with... THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF!

My friends and I love this show so much so that we couldn't bare the thought of missing an episode two years ago whilst travelling, so streamed it in a hostel in the middle of Prague. We even made a drinking game for it, which left the Ozzie's sharing a room with us utterly perplexed.
(I think they thought we were part of a cult.)

Double entendre? = DRINK
Soggy bottom? = DRINK 
Every time someone prays to an oven = DRINK
If someone drops a cake = BOTTOMS UP!

There's just something so quintessentially British about a baking competition judged by Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood and hosted by Mel and Sue - the glue that holds the show together. A total of seventeen celebrities are taking part in this series which begins tonight, including Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, David Mitchell, Alexa Chung... we're in for a treat!

I'm hoping these episodes on BBC 1 will be as hysterical as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Noel Gallagher sharing a bag of Monster Much on Celebrity Gogglebox for Stand Up to Cancer.

Also, how cute are these Henry Holland apron and tea-towels? Keep your eyes peeled, as they'll be popping up in your local TK Maxx soon...

Tune in tonight at eight and watch the madness unfold.
There's only one thing left to do...


Monday, 9 February 2015

Monday Blues #8 I Dreamt About You Last Night And I Fell Out Of Bed Twice

Wednesday marks two years since I first began my Monday Blues series and since I haven't posted one in many moons, I thought I'd revive it! Here are some inspirational nuggets that I keep in a file I turn to whenever I'm having a de-fabulous (a saying my best friend and I have used for years, long story) day.

Are you ready for some serious motivation? You either are, or you aren't - it's all down to you. The power of the mind is phenomenal... it's all about that Positive Mental Attitude, baby!

I implore you to print this and stick it in your 2015 diary, or make it your desktop background. You wouldn't believe the wonders it does!

I read this article on Oprah's website ages ago (before I even began blogging) and it has stuck with me ever since. It's amazing the amount of crazy situations I've gotten myself into by following this very quote. Only recently a stylist I admire tweeted one evening that she needed help with a shoot the following day. Before I knew it, I was running around London with an empty suitcase, collecting headdresses and all sorts of weird and wonderful pieces from numerous studios and assisting her on an incredible editorial. 
The fun really is on the other side of yes!

Know your worth. 

Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the
other person to die - Buddha. Treat anger/jealousy/resentment like poison and remember that a rising tide lifts all boats! You may not be satisfied with your current financial/job/relationship status, but it's crucial to nurture your individuality, see life through rose-tinted glasses and...

If you're having one of those days - or even months - where your motivation level is non existent, immerse yourself in culture. Go to the cinema, an art exhibition, your favourite museum, or go to the library and read to remember/forget. Have an open mind and inspiration will come to you!

A childhood friend used to swear by η τύχη βοηθά τους τολμηρούς‎ - which translates as fortune favours the bold. I love this neon sign which spreads the same message that I wholeheartedly believe in. Anything that makes your heart race, is worth doing! (Except drugs. Stay in school, kids) 
Del Boy would be proud!

I think this Eeyore quote speaks for itself...

It's alright to have days every now and then to mope - in fact, it's healthy. Allow yourself a day to feel your feelings, then convert it to fuel! Likewise, if you have a goal, don't wait for January or Monday to start - get the ball rolling, live in the now. When I started my blog, it was December 2012 and my new year's resolution was to create one. Within an hour my head was brimming with ideas and I was wondering what the hell I was waiting for... by January 1st, I had already written six posts and was in the groove!

Ok, granted this video is extremely cheesy, but if you look past the rising, cliché score and power montage, there are some brilliant pearls of wisdom...

And when all else fails, turn to the ultimate motivator and oracle that is Queen B. I need to pick up this mug from UO asap...

Keep blooming and building your wall, day by day, brick by brick! 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Holy Grail / Witchcraft: Rimmel Provocalips

You've guessed it, another make up post - and I can't promise that this is the last. This month there have been so many goodies I haven't been able to resist. Rimmel's provocalips are definitely my favourite of the bunch and are my new go-to lipsticks - I can't get enough of them! When I watched Judy's review on them a few weeks ago, they went to the top of my wishlist. A sixteen hour kiss AND food proof lipstick? What is this wizardry?!

Boots currently have them on offer for £4.99, so far I've picked up make your move and kiss me you fool - I'd be lying if I said it wasn't for the name alone! The first is a Kylie Jenner style nude and the latter a classic red. I really love the lightsaber style packaging: one end has the lipstick and the other a dofer applicator that locks the pop of colour. Although you don't need to touch this lipstick up during the day, I like to carry it around to add layers of the 'lock & shine' to keep nasty dry lips at bay.

After a long day of eating, drinking and eating some more, the lipstick remains intact! The colour range is also brilliant, I've got my eye on play with fire next, which is a vampy red. I've tried, but there's no way for me to write this post without sounding like an infomercial - I honestly can't recommend these enough. High End quality at a drugstore price, you can't go wrong! (Ok, now I really do sound like I'm on QVC.)

In terms of removing these lipsticks, don't bother trying micellar water as it doesn't budge - not without serious elbow grease and grimacing. Head straight for the coconut oil and let it work its magic!


Smooch and gorge to your heart's content,

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Dupes: Max Factor Creme Puff Blush

On the tube home last Friday, I spotted the ad campaign for this new product in ES Magazine and my eyes lit up. For many moons, I've heard just about everyone and their dog rave about Milani baked and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes, but sighed as they're only available in the states. I've noticed at MAC counters that their mineralized blushers are practically dupes for the pair, but with a sizeable price tag.

*Enter Max Factor Creme Puff Blush*

I went on a quest the very next day to buy some, but clearly everyone else got the memo too, as they were selling out left, right and centre. I would have bought a couple more of these, but they didn't have the shades I wanted, so at the moment I only have 'Seductive Pink'. In the next few days, I'll hopefully get my hands on some more, so keep your eyes peeled for them popping up in some GRWM posts soon! 

If you get a chance, swatch them in store and hopefully you'll be just as impressed with their pigmentation and see that they're a dream to blend. Just be wary though, as unlike the name suggests they aren't a cream formula.

Boots currently have 3 for 2 on all Max Factor products and Superdrug have £2 knocked off these babies at the mo. If you want to pick some up,
time is of the essence!

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Holy Grail: Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-on

Whenever I watch a Youtuber's evening skincare routine, I often see them use some sort of eye roll on device. As relaxing as they look, they tend to be in the £20 price bracket and therefore off limits. It's not that I don't buy the occasional luxury skincare product, it's just that if I do it's more likely to be a moistriser or cleanser - I thought these were a little gimmicky.

However, in Covent Garden last week I nipped into Boots and saw this product from Garnier on sale for £5.50! Not only could I not resist, but it has also instantly become a staple in my morning/second breakfast/just got in from uni/procrastinating/should really go to bed now/f*ck it's 3am routine. I can't stop using it, it's so addictive and soothing - especially under my brow bones, hot from the oven cold from the fridge! I'm also not sure if it's the placebo effect, but I really believe it tackles my puffy morning eyes.

The amazing thing is that even at its full retail price of £10, it's still one of the cheapest on the market - Jackpot!

I'm going to apocalypse-style stock up whilst they're on offer. I'm even sending a box to my mum in Manchester and friend in Greece - I feel like Oprah, "YOU GET ONE! AND YOU GET ONE! CAMERA MAN, YOU GET ONE TOO!" 

Pick one up this week, keep it in the fridge, reach for it while you're getting the milk for your morning coffee and thank me later. If you're counting down the days until your next student finance and broke as a joke, two spoons in the fridge work like magic too!

Have you ever used an eye roll-on? If so, which brand do you swear by?

Monday, 2 February 2015

Brew Break #17 Missguided Monday Wishlist

I was window screen shopping over the weekend on Missguided and realised that they've got some incredible statement pieces in at the moment. The flashing '10% Student Discount' is making these items increasingly hard to resist!

Here's some of the pieces that are in my fantasy wardrobe
(alongside a sea of  Miu Miu heels)...

I LOVE this stripy burgundy jumpsuit! I'm really digging the oxblood/plum/Marsala/aubergine/Bordeaux shades at the moment.
Say what you want about Kim K, but I'm really feelin her look here... can I live? (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) Here's an identical skirt and crop top combo.

How beautiful are these heels that Company Instagrammed at
Missguided's SS15 press day? They also have a chic black pair already online!
Speaking Writing of shoes, these are the closest I will come to a pair of Stuart Weitzman highland boots any time soon.

Can we just take a moment to fawn at these beauties?

So far, I've only met one person as nuts about the Spice Girls as me... Gemma Cairney! Not only was it her chosen subject on Mastermind a couple weeks ago, but she also played them during her set at a networking event I went to last year at Southbank Centre, called 'We Are Not A Feminist Tribe'. What a night!

This tee is for every 'I'm the biggest fan' out there... (Viva Forever!)
This suede olive dress is possibly my favourite from the whole bunch, as I love its originality - also, suede is going to be huge in the next few months. Any time I say "... is going to be huge", I feel like Joey's agent, Estelle!

What are you lusting for at the moment?

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Brew Break #16 This Sh*t Is Bananas!

White Rabbit White Rabbit White Rabbit,

Before you call me batsh*t crazy, (hands down the best insult I've ever heard), I know it's February and I'm writing a post about bikinis. The thing is, I actually tend to buy the bulk of my summer clothes in the winter as they're ridiculously cheap. I bought this bunch last week on ASOS, all for under £25! As they're cheap as chips, they're selling fast and sizes vary, so it's unlikely that you'll find a matching pair... but that's where the fun begins. I love wearing bikinis with mix and match top and bottoms.

Trust me,
now is the time to stock up on kooky bikinis at a third of the price! 

I found three bikini bottoms, each with wacky prints: hot air balloons, kiwis and bananas. I also bought one bandeau bikini top covered with pineapples.

I found this black cut out swimsuit too, which I wouldn't usually gravitate towards, but I love it! 

The tricks I have up my sleeve aren't just for the ladies, the men's sale range is also just as incredible. If you click on men - swimwear - price lowest to highest, the cheapest pair is £12. HOWEVER, if you just type into ASOS' search engine 'swimming shorts' and then click lowest to highest, it's as if you unlock a vault of all their sale shorts. The prices and quality are incredible - they're selling £40 French Connection pairs for under £10!!! (There's a reason my friends call me Sherlock... because I have too much spare time on my hands haha)

They have the grooviest pairs from £4! How cool are the mermaid ones?!

I found this funky pair for my brother, who's jetting off to Italy soon.
(Can I come too Billy?!)

Word of warning: By all means go nuts and buy loads of bikinis, but maybe leave the 'trying on' for summer itself. In the words of Ross Geller,

Ooo, a quarter!