Thursday, 29 January 2015

Style Crush #6 Zoë Kravitz

*Warning: this is going to be a super-duper long post. Might want to put the kettle on!*

Good morning Petals!

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I went to Zoë (goddess) Kravitz's intimate birthday gig last month. The stage was brimming with balloons and flowers for Zoë (geddit?). Her band, Lolawolf, were incredible and after the show we even got to chat to Zoë, who is so down to earth and has lightning fast wit. I thought it made sense to dedicate my next style crush to this hippie Sagittarius!

I actually saw this polaroid being taken at the end of the night!

For about 4 years druring high school, I would covered myself in Vera Wang's princess, heas to toe, every morning. At the time, Zoë was the ambassador and it was love at first sight. I soon realised she was also the daughter of rock star Lenny Kravitz and my ultimate girl crush, actress Lisa Bonet...
talk about good genes!


(Loving Lenny's Amethyst wrap bracelet)

Zoë clearly had a very colourful childhood, as the child of Hollywood's hippiest couple...

I've always admired her mother Lisa's (now know as Lilakoi Moon, of course) moral convictions. Here she is in a debate with one of my other true loves, River Phoenix...

She's mad, but she's magic - Charles Bukowski

It's no wonder Zoë turned out to be the kooky, crazy cat that she is.

Also, I'm not sure whose wardrobe I would raid first: Zoë's, Lisa's or Lenny's! (Although I could really do with the world's chunkiest scarf in London's current Arctic weather!)

I've spent the last hour falling down the pinterest rabbit whole of all things Zoë Kravitz and have collected a mish-mash of all my favourite outfits. They're mostly candid shots of her going about her day-to-day in NYC, as I'm so in love with her off-beat style, which sways between boho and witchy.

Join me down the rabbit hole...

I need this Penny Lane faux shearling coat!

What's the secret to Zoë's flawless skin? Well, according to a recent interview with Allure, she uses skincare products by her hippie-dippie facialist who makes them on a full moon.

1. Why am I not surprised?
2. Where can I order them?!

Zoë has the Alexander Wang Rocco bag in black and tan... I think I've decided whose wardrobe I'd raid first. Oh yeah, AND she used to date Michael Fassbender... winner winner chicken tofu dinner!

Last year, Zoe changed her hairstyle for the zillionth time and now strikes an uncanny resemblance to her beautiful mother Lisa...

Poppy Delevingne posted an Instagram about this dreamy Chanel bag last week! (*heart eyes emoji*)

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Zoë is the Queen of chokers.

Sheer dress over jeans? Noted. I also love how she mixes prints and textures.

Serious arm party!

Pretty sure I was the only person at the gig without a septum piercing, I'm heading to Camden this weekend so might have to amend that!

No doubt Zoë's evolving style often takes inspiration from her parents...
Can I borrow your Cat Stevens top, Lenny?


Lisa's eclectic style is pretty spectacular too...
Is Lola the cutest baby you've ever seen or what?! The band LOLAWOLF is actually named after Zoë's little siblings.

Then again, I suppose your style would be rather quirky if you were married to Jason Momoa, also known as... KHAL DROGO!

If you haven't listened to Lolawolf's music before, what are you waiting for? Here's a playlist of all their material so far. My favourites have to be drive, wanna have fun, what love is, calm down and AYO.

Basically all of them.

Let love rule,