Thursday, 28 December 2017


Happy birthday to the mega boho babe that is Sienna Miller!

The ruffles of it all in this delightful Gucci gown.

 This Valentino kite dress is my all time favourite look of Sienna's. A close second is any outfit with hunter wellies in a muddy Glasto field. 

I ADORE the feather detailing on this show stopper Prada number.

I'll meet you at the bar.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom

You could say that living / working in a hostel over xmas is unconventional to say the least. But since my colleagues are from the other side of the world, we've become each other's extended family.

Over our staff Christmas dinner we took turns to play nostalgic bangers from our corners of the world, I played Despina Vandi's Xristougenna (Greece's answer to Mariah's all I want for Christmas). Kita, it was either that or this...

...but I didn't want to scare them lol. Eventually Lady Gaga's wildly underrated Christmas tree came on and the whole table began spitting fire. I was amazed considering some of my own m8's back in Manchester haven't even heard of it!

What's the ultimate Christmas tune from your neck of the woods?

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

When You Pick A Papaw Or A Prickly Pear

Ello ello ello!

I thought I'd jump online to rave about a product that I've recently discovered thanks to my Ozzie roommates: Lucas papaw ~ even the lads are all over it! From what I gather it's the Ozzie equivalent of vaseline and is used to cure, well, basically anything. Dry lips? Put some papaw on it! Dry elbows? Anyone got a papaw on 'em? You get the idea. It's also as predicable as Tim Tams in any parcel sent over from their ma's. An Australian staple!

What is the go-to remedy in your homeland?

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Before Bella There Was Carla

Chin-chin to the birthday girl, Carla Bruni!

Wishes and kisses to the OG!