Friday, 8 December 2017

To The Left, To The Left...

Since living/working at a hostel and sharing a room with seven others (yes, really!) I've found a whole new appreciation for the art of living minimally. I understand I'm rather late to the new age Scandi trend, but my god - how good it feels to live out of a suitcase as though from square one. 

I've always been that person who keeps every birthday card, trinket, well loved jumper, CD etc. Whenever I visit my childhood room I'm overwhelmed by the chaos of memories that flood me by simply sitting on my bed and glancing around the room. So much so that recently I decided to do myself a favour and gut my room. All in all I acquired a staggering eight bags for charity. I thought I'd share my tips on how to shed those excess layers and embrace a more minimalism lifestyle.

The GOLDEN RULE: When it comes to sentimental bits, take a photo before recycling. We often cling to the memory as opposed to the item itself. Your home is not a museum.

Donate your unloved items and find joy in the thought of it not only having a new home, but the money that will be raised for a charity close to your heart!

Another daft but effective random act of kindness is dropping off any old magazines to your local doctors or hairdressers.

I really dig this advice by Steve McClatchy, a productivity consultant: "Everyone has a place in their house for forks. If you found a random fork in the bathroom or under the couch, you’d immediately know it didn’t belong there and would return it to its drawer without another thought. Everything in your life should be this easy to put away. If an item occupies no specific location when not in use, it becomes clutter."

For the love of yo-yos, do not keep clothes with the hopes that they will one day fit. 

Done is better than perfect.

If you don't know where to start, start with the kitchen. Chuck any expired food / medicines and banish all plastic bags. Reusable bags will save you money and time, and help save the planet. So... there's that.

Join the digital age and donate all those CD's and DVD's.

Convert as many bills/paper post such as bank statements to electronic as possible.

Don't buy - borrow! If you're considering buying something you're likely to use once in a blue moon, why not borrow your pals instead? Or join the marvellous Library of Things!

Don't sleep on a crypt of clutter, keep the space under your bed tidy.

An ace tip from Marie Kondo, the lady on the front line of the war on stuff, is to respect your belongings. Be wary of the things you own, owning you.

You'd be amazed how much of an impact a little decluttering can do for your mental health and what you can live without. If you don't take my word for it, see for yourself!