Wednesday, 31 January 2018

She Was A Lawyer. He Was A Sandwich.

I wanted to give a wee shutout to the fabulous every outfit on SATC 'gram account. Reliving the iconic wacky outfits on apt days, often correlating with national holiday and pop culture events, brightens my day.

Before Dior's sun visor, there was Samantha's Vuitton visor.

Bunny w her bunny keyring #happyeaster

Bastille day vibes.

An exposed green bra probably wasn't the most appropriate choice of attire
for visiting an ex in the hospital.

Seriously how many sleeveless cowl neck sweaters does this bitch own?

This sweater is part of Ralph Lauren's "Pink Pony" collection, which raises money for breast cancer research. We wish that Charlotte had just cut Samantha a check for $100 instead.

The gold pretzel necklace.

Came for the outfits, stayed for the snarky captions.