Tuesday, 28 February 2017

You Ain't Got No Pancake Mix

Pancake day will never not remind me of this iconic scene from one of my all time favourites, Uncle Buck.

When it comes to my pancakes, I either go quintessentially British with lemon and sugar, or utterly indulgent with scoops of Nutella and banana. If I'm really lucky, I'll manage to persuade my dad to make traditional Greek loukoumades. My current hometown of Macclesfield is once again holding their hysterical annual pancake race to raise money for charity. I'm going to stop now as I'm starting to salivate.

How do you take your pancakes?

*Amélie Soundtrack Plays In The Background*

Happy birthday to the delightful Olivia Palermo.

Olivia has stated many times that she attributes her refined style and elegance to her younger years spent in Paris. Here's a chic and sophisticated moodboard of some of her most iconic looks to brighten your morning. Let's pretend I didn't just eat sugar puffs for breakfast, deal?

Three cheers for the birthday girl!

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Hold On To Your Hats!

Storm Doris has hit the UK and the neighbours have dismantled their trampoline. 

I can't help but think that the UK's storm naming system is rather weak compared to the states. Doris doesn't sound too intimidating to me, sounds like the name of your brother's neighbours great aunt! Right? 

Stay safe folks!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

With My Girl Drew

Whether she's adorning her hair with daisies, sucking a black lollipop or publishing a book on love, Drew Barrymore has my heart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREW ~ thank you for encouraging me and others to let our freak flags fly.

I won't rest until I too own this iconic t shirt.

A questionably young Drew throwing some shapes at studio 54. And what?

Not only is Drew an all round mega babe, but she also played my favourite character ever ~ Dylan Sanders in the outstanding Charlies Angels.

Cheers gal!

*moonwalks outta here and to the nearest bar.*

Sunday, 19 February 2017

I Dream Of Mimi

During LFW a phenomenal designer catapulted onto my radar and HOLY SMOKE A LAND SAKES ALIVE - I am obsessed. Here's Mimi Wade's delightfully whimsical AW17 collection to which Mimi ponders "without realising I've designed an alternative to my school uniform". If this was my school uniform, I would've joined an after school club just so I could wear it an extra hour!

Does this dress remind anyone else of the iconic Toy Story wallpaper? Just me?

"At school, the uniforms were so ugly that everyone would put their dark green skirts on a boil wash in the machine 20 times over just so they would become more attractive, pale, blue-y turquoise." MW

Fellow Pink Panther fans will spot his iconic paw prints and adorable Inspector Clouseau buttons. 

I adore this Dial M For Mimi crop jumper, taking inspiration from Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder and Pink Panther's Dial P for Pink


I repeat!!!!

In case you were curious about what lies beneath...

My left or yours? ;-)

From the glitter knee socks to the garish orange blusher - this show had it all.

I've since done some digging and discovered Mimi's Hollywood horror AW16 collection. I particularly love her bullet hole satin trousers - inspired by a Japanese Bonnie & Clyde poster, no less - and her devil girl from Mars party dress. New Tinder bio?

The set looked pretty snazzy too, I must say. LOVE the Mimi Wade director chair! Here is the lady herself, showing LOVE magazine around her atelier aka her mum's front room.

Shot by the inimitable Kate Bones.

I am captivated and already craving SS18! In the meantime, what am I to do, to do, to do, to do to do to do to do to doooooo ;-)