Sunday, 19 February 2017

I Dream Of Mimi

During LFW a phenomenal designer catapulted onto my radar and HOLY SMOKE A LAND SAKES ALIVE - I am obsessed. Here's Mimi Wade's delightfully whimsical AW17 collection to which Mimi ponders "without realising I've designed an alternative to my school uniform". If this was my school uniform, I would've joined an after school club just so I could wear it an extra hour!

Does this dress remind anyone else of the iconic Toy Story wallpaper? Just me?

"At school, the uniforms were so ugly that everyone would put their dark green skirts on a boil wash in the machine 20 times over just so they would become more attractive, pale, blue-y turquoise." MW

Fellow Pink Panther fans will spot his iconic paw prints and adorable Inspector Clouseau buttons. 

I adore this Dial M For Mimi crop jumper, taking inspiration from Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder and Pink Panther's Dial P for Pink


I repeat!!!!

In case you were curious about what lies beneath...

My left or yours? ;-)

From the glitter knee socks to the garish orange blusher - this show had it all.

I've since done some digging and discovered Mimi's Hollywood horror AW16 collection. I particularly love her bullet hole satin trousers - inspired by a Japanese Bonnie & Clyde poster, no less - and her devil girl from Mars party dress. New Tinder bio?

The set looked pretty snazzy too, I must say. LOVE the Mimi Wade director chair! Here is the lady herself, showing LOVE magazine around her atelier aka her mum's front room.

Shot by the inimitable Kate Bones.

I am captivated and already craving SS18! In the meantime, what am I to do, to do, to do, to do to do to do to do to doooooo ;-)

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Video Killed The Radio Star

Whether it's to drown out your inner monologue, ignite that Friday feeling, or keep you going during all-nighters in the 24hr uni library, there's a radio station for it.

Absolute 90s & Kisstory

Although working on assignments @ 4am is pretty grim, Spice Girls and Miss Dynami-te-he will get you through it.


I once met a fellow Greek whilst hostel hopping in London who introduced me to this ace reggae / jazz / world music station. Ace for when I'm in the mood for a disco nap.

1055 Rock (SKG)

When I visited my childhood BF Amalia in Thessaloniki, we practically lived in my pals Ladadika rock bar, Aduto. When I say we, I mean me. And when I say pal, I mean barman who I've seen more this year than my own family. I listen to this station and am transported back to those wild, wild nights.

Radio X Manchester, Silk & Smooth
The station my brother listens to on his commute, the station my dad listens to on his evening canal strolls and the station constantly playing in my auntie's kitchen. My homesick cures.

Not quite a radio station, but I thought I'd mention Kasetophono. It's pretty big in Greece ~ most cafes use the site to choose various playlists to suit the mood.

We all have those corny radio ads that pinpoint us to a specific region and moment in time.

Which radio jingle sears a hole in your brain? 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


As I'm sure you're well - and for some of us, catastrophically- aware, today is Valentine's day. As a single pringle myself, I thought I'd write a lil post to remind us that valentines' come in many forms. My favourite v day has to be three years ago when my childhood friend Amy came to visit me in London from Keele. We were both missing each other terribly as we were in our first year of uni and boy did we go on an adventure.

Seconds before I picked Amy up from Euston, Prince tweeted a time and place. There had been a buzz in the city that week as everybody knew he was in town and throwing spontaneous guerrilla gigs that people were gagging to go to. This night in particular though was even more electric - I mean, fancy catching Prince on Valentine's day?! The venue just so happened to be one stop on the northern line away from us as well - jackpot! I screenshotted the tweet to Amy and without hesitation, it was game on and we began our quest. This is why I bloody love Amy, a room truly is more fun with her in it.

Long story short, we waited in a winding queue in the pouring rain for three hours, sang Prince's back catalogue with strangers and held each other close. Who knew that you can order pizza to a queue? 'I'll be the one in purple, mate.' Yeah, that narrowed it down...

In the end we weren't the lucky few but we didn't let that ruin our night, oh no. We caught the ginger line back to mine in Penge, cooked fajitas and played our favourite records. The following morning we took a stroll through Colombia Rd flower marker, Brick Lane and The National Portrait Gallery before I dropped Amy back off at Euston.

So whether you have a hot date, a takeaway with your mum or if you're doing a Miranda and Carrie, I hope you spend the day with the ones you love. If you want to spread the love, you could make a playlist for your girl gang, or pick some wildflowers for your mama. The idea being that you don't have to break the bank. For instance, I have heart shaped balloons that I picked up from Paperchase for an art project a while back that every now and then I blow up and have one waiting for my mum when she gets home from work. You could even extend this sentiment and share the love within your local community. Smile at the lady you walk past on your way to work every morning, let the man in the hi vis jacket have your seat on the bus, let a student whose backpack resembles a tortoise's shell share your brolly as you walk down the high street together...

In the delightful words of Dionne Warwick: What the world needs now is love, sweet love. No not just for some but for everyone.

I spent the day with the love of my life - my mama - and treated her to a strawberries & cream heart shaped cheese from our local artisan market. I'm not sure what that says about me but it tastes too good to care.

To suit the occasion, here are some adorable pages from Peanuts 1965 Love is Walking Hand in Hand book:

Feel free to finish your own sentence below. Love is...

Just Slip Out The Back, Jack

Happy Valentine's day lovebugs. 
Turn the lights down and the volume up.


The sun itself sees not till heaven clears. // Sonnet 148, Shakespeare

Happy Valentine's day, kittens!

Miss. Lippy's Car... is Green!

A harpist was playing under my window when I awoke this morning - what a way to greet Valentine's day! 

If, like me, you don't have any extravagant plans - unless you call eating a family sized bag of popcorn to yourself as extravagant - here are some movie suggestions to sweeten your day. One lump or two?

West Side Story. My favourite film of all time. 

Just be glad you won't be watching it with me as I can't help but emotionally invest in each viewing as though it's my first, not my 4746th. Oh moon grow bright and make this endless day... endless....niiiiiighhhhtttt. 2niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii(instrumental)ght. On my birthday, my friend actually sent me a link to this ancient relic of Cher. "Ladies and gentlemen for tonight's entertainment I am proud to present West Side Story... I will be playing all the parts." 

Roman Holiday

Two star-crossed lovers. Add in a teaspoon of royalty, three drops of duplicity and - oh, you know the rest.

Une Femme Est Une Femme

A love triangle glued together by the lick of her tongue. A joy to watch both with subtitles and without.

Pierrot Le Fou

Another Jean-Luc Godard classic. Love needs to be reinvented, real life is elsewhere.

Basically any Disney film turns me to mush.

Baz Luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet

Give me my sin again.

Love Story

For some it's the notebook, for me, it's love story.

Say Anything

It is my belief that Lloyd Dobler is to blame for my lack of love life throughout high school - or so I like to tell myself. The bar was set pretty high by this sensitive kick-boxer.

A Taste Of Honey

Classic Mancunian Kitchen Sink film.

The First Wives Club

Midler, Keaton & Hawn. The dream team!


The movie that ignited my love for River.

I'm going to have the fucking poached salmon, with the son-of-a-bitching rice, and a dirty bastard salad with a shitload of Roquefort dressing. 

+ who knows what this asshole wants?

Pretty in Pink

This one's a little too close to home. Key word being - home.

When Harry Met Sally

The part where Carrie Fisher's character folds a rolodex card and sighs 'oh... married' is the best part of the film. Sleepless in Seattle is another Nora Ephron classic to add to the list.

Basically any early 00's JLO chick flick

Maid in Manhattan and Monster in law are always there to pick me up after a shitty day or date. Jane Fonda's performance as the egocentric mother in law from hell is hysterical.

Dirty Dancing

I still chuckle at the memory of thirteen year old me forcing everyone to watch this at my birthday sleepover. I must of said "guys, this is the best bit" thirteen times, at least.

Doctor Zhivago - Gone With The Wind - An Affair To Remember

Enduring classics that deserve the most overused word of the decade: epic.

Billy Elliot

If you're sick of chick flicks, this heartwarming classic is for you. Julie Walters' feisty character Mrs. Wilkinson speaks to my northern heart and reminds me of my relationship with my mum, who used to teach dance at my primary school. Debbie, get the 50p's!


Oh yes, that's right - it's earned its place on the list, despite what someBODY ONCE TOLD ME...

Basically any Adam Sandler film between '95 - '04

Again - if you think today sucks and just want a decent film to watch - minus the bubblegum and arrows, I rate an A.S comedy. His recent work is painful to watch, but I grew up on his earlier work - Waterboy, Billy Madison, Mr. Deeds, Big Daddy, 50 First Dates - those all rock.

The Break Up & Along Came Polly


I repeat


My Big Fat Greek Wedding

What can I say? You knew this one was coming.


Dare I say the most erotic movie of all. Two words: excessive machine.