Thursday, 29 October 2015

Mini H&M Beauty Haul

I met some friends in Oxford Street last week as we were on the hunt for a gift for our friends 21st. I was quite early so spent an hour beforehand getting lost in the new H&M Beauty isles. I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven! I can't rave enough about their products ~ their selection is vast, the packaging is sleek, the colour ranges are sublime and everything is reasonably priced! 

How wonderfully festive is Oxford St looking? :-)

There were a few heavy products I had my eye on such as the midnight muse body scrub, but as I'm living out of a backpack I didn't think that was a very clever idea. I did, however, pick up a few small goodies that I am head over heels in love with.

First I opted for these two eyeshadows:

I spent a lifetime perusing before I settled on these two. Moondust is a magnificent crystal glitter shade which will probably last me a month - my friends and I are glitter fiends. Pop The Question is an adorable pink shade which is ideal for adding a lil sparkle to your day to day make up menu. 

At £4.99 a pop they are affordable, however I didn't want to spend a fortune without testing them or having read reviews. I also decided to go with two shades that I knew I'd wear often. The other two I had my eye on were Bird Of Paradise (a glittery navy blue) and Wanderlust (a hypnotic forest green).

As I'm a sucker for hand creams, I couldn't resits this rose lotion which has almond and coconut oil in and smells dreamy. I also love how the packaging is reminiscent of Glossier's! The brilliant £2.99 price tag is also worth mentioning.

When I was edging towards the till, I spotted an array of face mask pods, very similar to Sephora's but with a wider range, and almost bought the lot. In the end I settled on this Argan oil and Rosehip oil blend as the harsh weathers are taking a toll on my skin.

Before I love and leave you, I thought I'd mention that H&M have some enchanting Halloween pieces this year. For £8 I picked up these veil bunny ears, although I forgot them at my gal pal Jay's flat party (doh!). Ooo I also spotted a piece of pop culture history ~ a leather graphic top on a mannequin which was clearly inspired by Britney's iconic top:

Have you tried anything from H&M's new venture?

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Empties #3

As I'm now back in the swing of London life, I've been going to a few house parties and events which means I've been wearing make up more regularly. My kick-ass cleansing duo have been these Korres milk proteins wipes and this Garnier Eye Make-up remover. There's something so comforting about seeing Greek text when I'm far from home.

I once wrote about Diptyque's generosity with samples ~ there's something so decadent about their Eau Rose fragrance and Philosykos body lotion! I've also been addicted to these revitalizing moisture eye strips from the Japanese brand DHC. They're super nourishing thanks to the amino acids and smell of peonies <3

As I'm hostel hopping it goes without saying that I'm pretty low maintenance, there are however a handful of products that keep me sane. Three of which are currently on their last legs: 

The Body Shop's Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet is hands down my favourite night cream. As I have normal/dry skin, this boost of hydration every night is essential, particularly now that we're creeping into winter! Its cooling sensation and dreamy texture is also a big plus.

 As hostels and restlessness go hand in hand, this L'occitane lavender hand cream always helps me drift off and finally, this Uriage lipbalm is never too far away from me!

As summer is but a distant dream, my bronzer is being well loved ~ Nars' Laguna is a cult classic for a reason! Although do remember to be light handed, as you can go from bronze goddess to Kardashian wannabe in seconds.

Hopefully these remnants will last me a few more weeks ~ I know what's going on my Christmas list!

My mum's favourite eyeshadow from No7 in truffle has mysteriously worked its way into my daily routine and I can't get enough of it.

I thought I'd chuck in two fridge favourites: I've been enamoured with Alpro's new coconut almond milk and the Veggie Colin the Caterpillar range of sweets from Marks and Sparks. I had a quick scan of the ingredients and was pleasantly surprised to see spirulina in the mix.

Speaking of M&S, their new cosmopolitan Taste range have been scrumptious and opened up my eyes to a wealth of delicious foods from all over the globe.

I thought I'd also share a few summer empties which I never got round to posting. This Original Source Watermelon and Jojoba oil shower gel was heavenly - I've now got my eyes on their pineapple and coconut oil bottle. Garnier's Ambre Solaire After sun gel and The Body Shop's Coconut body butter were my moisturisers of choice, depending on how sizzled I was! 

On the island, I discovered a miracle Italian product called Crema Rigenerante, which was a cosmic coconut hair mask! I also worked my way through The Body Shop's Gingerbread shower gel which always left me ravenous, as well as a multitude of Greek Olive oil soaps which work wonders!

What products have you been hitting pan on recently? 

Monday, 26 October 2015

Bibbidi-Bobbidi Bits & Bobs #11

My nomadic lifestyle means ample time on trains getting lost in books/internet black holes and discovering weird and wonderful things. Here's a hodgepodge of bits and bobs that have caught my eye recently... 

A haunting/macabre video has been floating around the web recently of two young lads driving 90mph and meeting their demise. It's such a harrowing and heartbreaking video which has marred my mind. If you're not comfortable watching that, I implore you to watch this:

The Convincer convinces people to drive safely by
 "simulating" a 5 mph car accident...

On a lighter note, you may have heard the hype about Nickelodeon's new channel which will be dedicated entirely to 90's cartoons. As amazing as this is, fellow cyberjunkies out there like me will already know about Nick Reboot. I have a hunch I may have mentioned this on my blog before, but it's basically a website that constantly streams 90's Nick cartoons ~ on days when I'm hung to the over, or can't sleep at 4am, I flick it on and get lost in episodes of The Fairly Oddparents... just me?

If that's up your street, you'll lose your shit at my 70s / 80s90s TV!

As Fresher's week was recently, I thought I'd share this poignant Buzzfeed post (there's something I never thought I'd say). A bunch of graduates were asked "what is the one thing you wish you'd known as fresher?"

"Experiment. Also, you can steal all your condiments from Wetherspoon’s.”

If you're looking for Halloween inspo, check out these Illamasqua tutorials ~ I particularly love the feline and day of the dead looks!

These photographs from Marion Cotillard's Porter cover shoot are breathtaking. Hands down my favourite editorial of the year...

My cosmic friend Hala from Nutrition Rocks recently shared Caffè sospeso:
What a heart warming act of kindness ~
 it's so enriching to live with a giving heart!

How charming is this limited edition aero bar designed by Matthew Williamson? This is the closest I'll be getting to designer gear any time soon!

Since seeing Wish You Were Here at the cinema last week (go see it with your gal pal <3), my love for Drew Barrymore has been reignited. I love this clip of her sharing her pearls of wisdom on 90's make up...
Her TipTuesdays are actually super fun, I just wish her flower cosmetics were available across the pond!

I simply must share this magical rendition of Funny Girl's Don't Rain On My Parade by my wildly talented cousin Vicky, who just so happens to have a marvellous blog too ~ talk about burning the candle at both ends!

Although it's Monday, I thought I'd share a rather humongous Wednesday Wishlist (lol scheduling issues). I don't know if you've noticed but most shops have giant sales on at the mo which are really testing my restraint ~ here's what's chilling in my online baskets...

Urban Outfitters:

1. This polka dot Adidas Adisas tank - which is part of Pharrell's collab - is too cute for words. Anyway, who doesn't want to look like a ladybird? 2. There's something so kitsch about tea towels with cocktail recipes on! 3. This gem needs no explanation. 4. This Agate notebook would make 9am lectures a wee more bearable. 5. My love for Fila gets stronger by the day. 6. I may be on the verge of 21, but reindeer nighties will never go out of style. 7. I've been dying to get my hands on this issue! 8. I think these typography mugs are the cat's pyjamas! Great idea for a secret santa prezzie! 


1. These ghoulish shoes are not only freaking adorable, but look identical to Charlotte Olympia's! 2. Sticking with the Halloween theme, how cute are these bat socks?! BTW trick or treaters, rejoice as Gregg's annual bat biscuits are back! 3. A mug after my own northerner heart! 4. Vogue may be out of my student budget, but Léa Seydoux changes everything. 5. I've wanted a veil beanie hat for over a year! I think it's about time I bit the bullet, don't you agree? ;-) 6. You can never own enough pom pom keyrings!


1. These velvet flares have my name written on them! 2. I love the idea of humming Chic whilst sipping my morning coffee. If I had my own flat, I'd buy ten of these mugs! 3. Same goes with this hysterically honest book end. I think every writer needs this ;-) 4/5. H&M's Halloween section is seriously impressive this year, I especially love the bunny ears which are slightly reminiscent of Louis Vuitton's iconic  F/W 2009 ears...

H&M just so happen to also have this adorable bunny blouse in at the mo which I just have to get my mitts/paws on...

I also spotted this COSMIC pom pom hat that I adore! It's similar to the one I recently saw ASOS' Megan sporting and is a monochrome version of the one my girl crush Neelam Gill has been rocking <3

Forever 21:

1. I LOVE the idea of mixing in planets with the whole cliché 'LONDON BERLIN TOKYO' graphic tee trend. 2/3. I may have never visited Louisiana/Alabama, but I love the garish colours and overall sassiness of these loud beanies! 4/5. There's something so oh là là and chic about these pouches.


1. I like how old school this text graphic tee is, also bonus that the text looks like it was sent by Prince 2/3. You can always rely on Zara for some quirky statement necklaces ~ these two are particularly dreamy!

Disney Store:

The pièce de résistance *drum roll*...

Before you ask, YES I'm aware that Halloween hasn't even passed and yet I'm lusting over Christmas decorations in October. Yup, I'm that person who whistles carols in August and identifies with Buddy the Elf and... I'm ok with that! Anyway, here are some enchanting/hilarious baubles that appease my inner eight year old.

1 / 2

I thought I'd chuck in a couple of mugs too for good measure! Don't you just love the juxtaposition?

George @ Asda:

Bloggers seem to be going nuts for H&M's marble trays, but I'm really digging this constellation range. I also just wanted to remind everyone that as Halloween's coming up, black lipsticks, fairy dust, wigs and all sorts of goodies are super cheap... stock up!

What has caught your eye lately? 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Hostel Hopping Playlist

Good morning Petals!

For those who don't know, I'm spending my final year of uni hostel hopping and am commuting from Manchester. I know it sounds a wee crazy and that's because, quite frankly, it is. It's substantially cheaper than renting in London and means I get to meet lots of cool cats along the way and obtain buckets of fascinating writing material! I'll be jotting some posts soon following my journey and sharing my hostel recommendations/reviews.

 For now I thought I'd share a mini playlist I've been creating which is basically a mumble jumble of songs I've bopped along to whilst utilising various hostels free breakfast buffets. Merry and Pippin would be proud of my hearty second breakfast servings! ;-)

You seek of such magical things and nobody knows where you've been

Bless my heart and bless yours too.

I was a shadow, I'd smoke and I'd sleep

She got the moon in her eye

If you want to be free, be free

Letters I've written, never meaning to send

People so busy, makes me feel dizzy

I'm an ocean, you're the rain

What have you been musing to lately?

Monday, 12 October 2015

ASOS Stylist Edit

It's Monday, I drank all my money over the weekend, I'm still a little raspy, which is why this is the perfect time for me to make believe I'm one of ASOS' stylist (dream job) and share my latest stylist edit. 

I've spoken before about my love for buying summer bargains during the winter ~  these two treasures would be ace for next summer!
1 / 2

Before we dive into blustery weather essentials, how quirky/sultry are these tassel anklets?

I LOVE these garish coloured heels as they're a fab way of adding a pop of colour with these unconventional autumnal shades. The midnight blue mules have to be my favourite - have you ever seen anything so beautiful?!
1 / 2 / 3

It wouldn't be winter without some statement oxblood shoes!
1 / 2

Although they're not sold at ASOS, I had to chuck in these grunge Dr Martens!

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm obsessed with all things cosmic. These two gems are calling my name!
1 / 2

During A/W my key fashion advice is comfort ~ it's all about layers! As I'm usually bundled up, I find it's my accessories that tie my outfits together and add a certain je ne sais quoi. Pom pom hats, disco socks and adorable gloves are at the top of my list!
1 / 2 / 3

These two bucket bags that are currently in the sale are right up my street ~ love the boho chic vibe and clashing textures!
1 / 2 

The Carrie Bradshaw in me HAD to include these elegant maxi skirts, ideal for a Christmas do or boxing day! *Heart eyes emoji*
1 / 2 

(I've always wanted to hunt down a forest green skirt similar to the one on Mýa's Moodring album cover!)

As you all know by now, I'm a magpie for offbeat earrings! Here are two pairs that I absolutely adore...
1 / 2 

The final two pieces are more on the wackydooda side and are the reason I love playing around with fashion and not taking it too seriously. 
1 / 2 

Who are your favourite stylists on ASOS?
Mine have to be Felicity and Megan!

Saturday, 10 October 2015

World Mental Health Day

High school, as for most folks, was pretty f'king rough. Trust me, the F bomb is warranted. Luckily my mum dragged me to regular CAMHS sessions with my beloved counsellor Gwendoline which helped tremendously. My teachers were also well aware of my struggles with my mental health. I'll always remember my head of house once ssaying a problem shared is a problem halved. Boy was she right.

Alan Watts has some exceptionally good lectures on mental health. John Cleese and his therapist also wrote a book years ago called life and how to survive it which is worth a read.

It gets easier. Everyday it gets easier, but you have to do it everyday - that's the hard part. Sometimes we don't have a choice but to surrender to the moment - and that's also ok. 

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Brew Break #29 Strawberry Letter 23

More than kisses, letters mingle souls - John Donne

I hope you're having a magical weekend, petals. I've been feng-shui'ing my bedroom and stumbled upon a bunch of letters/notes/thingymabobs which triggered a range of overwhelming emotions and got me thinking about the joy of sending and receiving mail.

There's nothing more magical than writing/receiving a letter or tacky postcard (the tackier the better). My love for post began at a very young age, as growing up with family dotted all over the world meant frequent letters and exciting parcels. I also come from the type of family who cherishes and saves birthday/Christmas/name day cards every year.

(Does anyone else do this, or are we "special"?)

When I moved to England and began primary school, we each had a pen pal from a fellow student in a different city. I still have all the adorable letters and drawings my pen pal Savanna sent me and was heartbroken when she abruptly moved to France. If you have a sister called Jasmine, you used to have a rabbit called Rupert and a budgie called sunshine, ello ello ello!

Love letters are also a charming way to keep the fire burning and declare your love ~ especially with LD relationships. In the dog days of 2012, I had a summer romance which led to a string of love letters fluttering back and forth from Manchester to Athens which I still treasure.

FYI, Paperchase do the best postcards.

During my first two years of uni and summer adventures, I always made time to sit on a bench and write a heap of postcards to send to folks in different corners of the world. Even if friends and  I live in the same city but are busy bees, it's always comforting knowing that someone is thinking of you and invested in your friendship.

Tipsy 4am notes / My leaving card from when I worked in a coffee shop many moons ago

One of my most dear letters is the one my English teacher Mrs.Robinson gave me on my last day of high school five years ago (woah Nelly, I feel old). I hope she knows how much her encouragement catapulted me and to this day motivates me to push myself. 

I'm not sure what direction I was heading in with this post, but I hope I've inspired you to swing by paperchase, reach out and let those you care about feel the love. Also a simple gesture could find its way to your friends fridge and light up their day each morning when they reach for the milk - or even end up in a hat box and be treasured for years to come.

These are the groovy glitter cards that I'm currently using:

 Even if you're bad with words, just doodle the card full of lovehearts and sign it. Or even leave your loved one a loveydovey post-it note on their pillow. Go on, brighten someone's day!

I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light. - Helen Keller 

You've got a friend,