Saturday, 26 January 2013

Couldn't Knock The Skin Off A Rice Pudding

Happy Australia Day from Sharon & Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie!

Friday, 25 January 2013

My Nail Polish Collection

I've spent the last few days off sixth form with a bug and needed a challenge to take my mind off things. Whenever I see other 'nail polish collection' posts, I always think how long it must take for them to apply each colour, I mean... that's dedication! But, I thought it might be fun to try them all out! I'll be honest, it's only recently that I've discovered the beauty of nail painting, but now I almost feel naked without it!

 I've picked up most of my collection from Boots, as 'Rimmel' and 'Barry M' are cheap and cheerful! Also, rather than swatching each one, I've painted my nails in each colour, so you can hopefully get a better idea of how the nail polish looks outside of the pot. (Just so you know, in each photo I've applied two coats of varnish!)

Rimmel's 'I love lasting finish' nail polish - £2.99 each


Green Grass

Black Cab

Double Decker Red

Your Majesty

Disco ball (I often use this as a finish coat to add some jazz, although, it's a bit of a bugger to get off!)

Barry M nail paint - £2.99 each

Cyan Blue


Spring Green

Naural collection nail polish - £1.89
17 'fast finish' nail polish - £2.99
No 7 'stay perfect' nail colour - £6
Mavala nail polish - £4.50

Natural Collection - Red Robin

17 - Gemstone

No 7 - Milan

Mavala - Pearl

(Only just noticed how much my mood ring changes in the space of an hour!)

What's your favourite nail polish brand? Any suggestions for me to try? 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Rimmel wake me up foundation review

As many of you may have noticed, this foundation has been floating around the blogosphere quite a lot recently. But, I thought I'd jump on the band wagon and give my two cents!

I picked this up at my local Superdrug for just £5.99, as it was currently - and still is - on offer with £3 off! In store, I tested each sample and eventually settled on 'soft beige'. I was initially worried when I saw that there was only six shades to chose from. But, thankfully this colour blends well with my skin tone and creates a light daytime base (and hides a multitude of sins)!

The quirky orange bottle claims to: "visibly reawakens and illuminates skin with a radiant glow and a flawless, natural-looking finish." I have to agree, as it definitely leaves my skin looking brighter and leaves a lovely glow! The texture is also nice and smooth - I tend to use a stippling brush when applying my foundation, but with this one you can go old school and use your fingers, as it's not too watery!

This foundation has instantly become a staple in my daily makeup routine and as it's SPF15, it'll be handy for when the sun (finally) makes an appearance!

Have you used this foundation? Did you have problems finding your shade?

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Soap & Glory The Breakfast scrub review

Guys, I think I've found the holy grail of body scrubs! As soon as I saw this in Boots, I had to get it! I mean, who doesn't love a good John Hughes pun? From the second I smelt it, this Soap & Glory product became the best scrub I've ever used! (I love it so much, most of my friends got a pot for Christmas!)

I tend to exfoliate my entire body around twice a week and really reap the benefits! But, as the top of my arms need more exfoliating than the rest of my body, I use this scrub on them every day in the shower. I just take a pea size amount for each arm and rub it in a circular motion. It's the perfect balance between enough strength to remove dead skin cells, and yet to somehow miraculously remain gentle!

It's worth buying for the smell alone... (I really wish Soap and Glory would bring out a range of candles!) This scrub contains "bananas, honey and almond extracts",  which leaves me feeling hungry every time I use it - that's literally the only negative I can think of! I've read a few other reviews stating the price as a negative, but I find that one tub lasts at least three months and a little really does go a long way. I think it's worth its weight in gold!!

I bought mine from Boots for £9.50. But, keep your eyes peeled for their 3 for 2 offers - that's when I tend to stock up!

Have you tried this product? What's your favourite body scrub?

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Expand Your Mind

How outrageous are these edgy heels from Dsquared2. I can definitely see Lady Gaga rocking them on her next red carpet. I guess spines are the knew skulls!

If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you’d best teach it to dance. // George Bernard Shaw

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Paris Haul

Hi Petals! As it was my first time in France, I did my research to figure out the best beauty buys! I read over and over again, that the best place to find the goodies is the local pharmacy! It didn't take long to realise that there didn't seem to be a French equivalent to 'Boots' or 'Superdrug'! But, there was a pharmacy on most street corners!

I know I wasn't particularly adventurous with my buys, but A) I wanted to start with the basics and B) stick to things that I knew I'd actually use!

Bioderma Crealine H20: Unless you blog under a rock, you'll know just how much of a cult following this makeup remover has! I actually picked this 500ml bottle up at a local pharmacy in Montmartre for just 10 euro and the handbag size for 3! (I want to make sure that I've used the product for a good month before reviewing it, so I can review the long term effects and results!)

Uriage Stick Levres: I was really looking forward to reviewing this product as, when I bought it, i didn't realise just how useful it would be - especially as a base before applying lipstick as it's so moisturising! I only wish I'd bought more than one, it was only 6 euro!

Evian Brumisateur Mineral Water Spray: As soon as I heard about this product, I knew I'd love it! They were only 3 euro each and are ideal to pop in your handbag! I just spritz it over my face whenever I'm having a wobble or feeling flustered and I'm instantly hydrated!

La Roche Posay Lipikar Xerand Creme Mains: Most girls have too many lip balms/glosses floating about, but for me, it seems to be hand creams! I really love essential oil based creams and the way they tend to linger, so it was rare for me to buy a more simpler hand cream - but, it seems to do the trick in keeping dry hands at bay during the winter! I bought a pack of two for 9 euro! 

Papier D'armenie La Rose (Armenian paper): I picked up this little gem for just 3 euro at the pharmacy checkout. You can tear the scented sheets from the mini booklet and keep them in your handbag or purse to create a beautiful floral smell whenever you open them. Or, you can fold one like an accordant, light it, then quickly blow it out and your room will smell of roses! (I like to light one just before getting in the bath...bliss!)

Here's a few other bits and bobs I picked up along the way...
Bn Bn, do doooo do do do
How cute is this cushion cover?!

As we were leaving the Louvre, my dad spotted a man walking around with a polaroid charging 5 euro for a snap! And, since I'd just bought this sweet photo frame for my bedside table, it seemed perfect timing!

Have you tried any of these beauty products (or any other French cosmetics)? Would you recommend them?

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Paris: Day Four & Five

January 1st was a much more mellow day, as our legs felt like noodles from walking all over the city!

For breakfast, we went to a sweet cafe called 'Un Zebre a Montmartre'! The tables outside were filled with colourful mosaics and the location was amazing for people watching! When I asked them if they sold croissants, they said they didn't, but that we we're more than welcome to go to a local patisserie and eat them at their cafe! So, we spent the morning recharging our mind, body and soul over cappuccinos and croissants!

We spent the rest of the day hopping on and off the metro, exploring Les Marais and The Latin Quarter...
Minutes before we reached 'The Pantheon', we popped into a little boutique called 'Diwali'. The shop was bursting with an Indian vibe and every colour under the sun. I couldn't resist buying these cute Lakshmi green earrings for just 3.50 euros!

On our last day, we had until five in the afternoon until our eurostar journey back to London. For breakfast, we stopped by 'Les Petits Mitrons' patisserie in Montmarte and bought a bunch of croissants (butter, almond and pan au chocolat) for the train ride home!

We then took the metro to 'Place Monge' and spent the afternoon walking around 'The Grande Mosquee de Paris'! The Mosquee is the largest in all of France and third in Europe! The calm ambiance was perfect for our final hours in Paris!

Sorry for the abundance of photos, but every inch of the Mosqee was so grande and beautiful! The mosaic tilework, the fountains, the minaret... I felt like I'd entered Princess Jasmine's palace in Agrabah!

We then walked to the tea room, at the opposite side of the Mosque! It was like entering Morocco! We sat beside the fountain and ordered the best mint tea I've ever had - and it was just 2 euros a pop! There was also a selection of exotic pastries to choose from, I opted for the baklava drenched in syrup! The cherry on top, had to be the little birds fluttering around - be sure to guard your pastries!

In the tea room, there was also a small souk gift shop, brimming with North African inspired treats!

I had the most amazing New Years in Paris and am so grateful to my dad for taking me! Just looking back at all my photos, is filling me more and more with wanderlust!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?