Thursday, 29 January 2015

Brew Break #15 Red (Nose Day) Lipstick

Hello Petals!

I was super early for uni this morning and found myself in Superdrug, browsing through the latest releases. I instantly spotted this adorable lipstick which is by Kate Moss for Rimmel London. The shade is called 'Red Nose Red' and is dedicated to raising money and awareness for Red Nose Day - which falls on Friday 13th March this year.

Either I'm hungrier than I thought, or this lipstick smells of cherry drops?

Despite being months away, it's incredible to see so many high profile brands and celebrities already teaming together for such a wonderful and crucial charity. Designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Diane Von Furstenberg, Henry Holland and Matthew Williamson have created a colourful array of affordable graphic t-shirts, which are all available at TK Maxx. These are selling like hot cakes, so be sure to order yours sooner than later!

Here are my favourites...

The tees in questions are all featured in this month's Elle magazine, which is a Comic Relief special. Here are the five special edition covers...

There's something so magical about the way Britain comes together for Red Nose Day. I've grown up celebrating it all throughout primary school, high school and now even my university encourages students to get involved and raise money for the noble cause.

This takes me back...

Whether you pick up a copy of Elle this month, sport Kate Moss' lippy or organise a bake sale... 

make a difference and support!

Style Crush #6 Zoë Kravitz

*Warning: this is going to be a super-duper long post. Might want to put the kettle on!*

Good morning Petals!

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I went to Zoë (goddess) Kravitz's intimate birthday gig last month. The stage was brimming with balloons and flowers for Zoë (geddit?). Her band, Lolawolf, were incredible and after the show we even got to chat to Zoë, who is so down to earth and has lightning fast wit. I thought it made sense to dedicate my next style crush to this hippie Sagittarius!

I actually saw this polaroid being taken at the end of the night!

For about 4 years druring high school, I would covered myself in Vera Wang's princess, heas to toe, every morning. At the time, Zoë was the ambassador and it was love at first sight. I soon realised she was also the daughter of rock star Lenny Kravitz and my ultimate girl crush, actress Lisa Bonet...
talk about good genes!


(Loving Lenny's Amethyst wrap bracelet)

Zoë clearly had a very colourful childhood, as the child of Hollywood's hippiest couple...

I've always admired her mother Lisa's (now know as Lilakoi Moon, of course) moral convictions. Here she is in a debate with one of my other true loves, River Phoenix...

She's mad, but she's magic - Charles Bukowski

It's no wonder Zoë turned out to be the kooky, crazy cat that she is.

Also, I'm not sure whose wardrobe I would raid first: Zoë's, Lisa's or Lenny's! (Although I could really do with the world's chunkiest scarf in London's current Arctic weather!)

I've spent the last hour falling down the pinterest rabbit whole of all things Zoë Kravitz and have collected a mish-mash of all my favourite outfits. They're mostly candid shots of her going about her day-to-day in NYC, as I'm so in love with her off-beat style, which sways between boho and witchy.

Join me down the rabbit hole...

I need this Penny Lane faux shearling coat!

What's the secret to Zoë's flawless skin? Well, according to a recent interview with Allure, she uses skincare products by her hippie-dippie facialist who makes them on a full moon.

1. Why am I not surprised?
2. Where can I order them?!

Zoë has the Alexander Wang Rocco bag in black and tan... I think I've decided whose wardrobe I'd raid first. Oh yeah, AND she used to date Michael Fassbender... winner winner chicken tofu dinner!

Last year, Zoe changed her hairstyle for the zillionth time and now strikes an uncanny resemblance to her beautiful mother Lisa...

Poppy Delevingne posted an Instagram about this dreamy Chanel bag last week! (*heart eyes emoji*)

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Zoë is the Queen of chokers.

Sheer dress over jeans? Noted. I also love how she mixes prints and textures.

Serious arm party!

Pretty sure I was the only person at the gig without a septum piercing, I'm heading to Camden this weekend so might have to amend that!

No doubt Zoë's evolving style often takes inspiration from her parents...
Can I borrow your Cat Stevens top, Lenny?


Lisa's eclectic style is pretty spectacular too...
Is Lola the cutest baby you've ever seen or what?! The band LOLAWOLF is actually named after Zoë's little siblings.

Then again, I suppose your style would be rather quirky if you were married to Jason Momoa, also known as... KHAL DROGO!

If you haven't listened to Lolawolf's music before, what are you waiting for? Here's a playlist of all their material so far. My favourites have to be drive, wanna have fun, what love is, calm down and AYO.

Basically all of them.

Let love rule,

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Bibbidi-Bobbidi Bits & Bobs #6

Namaste Petals!

I've really been loving the quirky little videos by Vogue that keep popping up in my Youtube subscription feed. My two favourites have to be the ones featuring Sienna Miller and Karlie Kloss!

My favourite English Lit teacher back in high school used to have this mug! :-) That reminds me, I must book tickets for Matilda soon!

Weirdly enough, I was actually featured in Grazia magazine recently for my comments on Sienna's impeccable style, which was pretty surreal!

An honourable mention also goes to Vogue's tour of Kate Moss' abode that went live today, which features a unicorn doorstop and a fig tree at the bottom of her garden... of course. I even read in the December issue that in her home she has an original infinity light from Studio 54!
The bunny ears from her infamous Playboy 60th anniversary shoot /
The oldest item in her wardrobe is the Union Jack jacket from John Galliano's SS93 show... I'd personally frame it!

I'm still lusting over the new Burberry SS15 campaign, featuring Naomi Campbell and Jourdan Dunn, shot by none other than Mario Testino! How cosmic are Christopher Bailey's suede take on the cult trenchcoat?!?!?

Here's some favourites from their Beauty and the Beast inspired catwalk...
 Speaking of Burberry, they shot their latest Burberry Acoustic session at my university last week...THE ONE DAY I'M NOT IN! The same happened last year when they were filming Thor in Greenwich. So far, the only thing I have managed to catch is a McDonald's advert. Classy!

As January is slowly, but surely coming to an end, I've noticed lots of retailers online are having colossal sales again, mostly stock clearance. At the same time, they're smoothly transitioning their sites for the changing seasons and Zara's SS15 pieces are (as you'd expect) b-e-a-utiful! 

My favourite pieces from the new collection have to be this paisley jacquard skirt, which I'd style with lots of layers, tights, polo necks and chunky boots! This embellished midnight velvet waistcoat is also something straight out of Professor Sybill Trelawney's wardrobe and therefore something that caught my eye immediately...

There's also a few pieces on ASOS that I keep checking on daily, hoping/wishing/praying that they'll appear in their 70% off sale. It's like refreshing for Glastonbury tickets all over again! These incredible boots remind me of the patchwork suede dress I spotted on Beyond Retro's Instagram last week. I need to get my mitts on this offbeat dress!

I'm also obsessed with this funky suede skirt. If money was no object, I'd buy this in a heartbeat! Although, I wouldn't be able to decided between mustard or burgundy. Which do you prefer?

Make it blue, make it pink...

How amazing does Megan look in it?!

Stella McCartney also launched her StellaSport collaboration with Adidas last week. I love how the range is not only wackydooda, but also relatively affordable. I really like these two pairs of leggings...
Street sportswear is going to be quite big this season, you may have already noticed Missguided getting in on the action. Their collection is ideal for those who want to be on trend, but are more minimalistic and low key. How hot is their new Active campaign?!

(Although I wish they hadn't of ruined it with resorting to 'bitch', come on, it's 2015!)

 I saw this snap on Diane Von Furstenberg's Instagram last week and it's making me really want to chop my hair again. I left it to grow all winter for those days when I forget my scarf, but I'm afraid it's getting less chic, more Hagrid every day. Wow, two Harry Potter references in one post... can you tell I've been listening to the audio books on my commutes to uni?

I hope you crazy cats are having a wonderful week. 

(Two more days until Friday!)

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Brew Break #14 Anthropologie Accessories

'Ello, 'ello, 'ello,

I thought I'd share an eclectic bunch of accessories I've been drooling over recently. One of my main new year's resolutions is to stick to my measly student budget, so this is my 'check-list of things to buy before fleeing to Greece, with a one way ticket'. Ahhhh, a girl can dream...

I had my eye on these metallic aquamarine tassel sandals when they were £138, so now that they're £100 cheaper and the only size left is mine, I'm finding it near impossible to not cave. My minddddd's tellling me noooo, but ma boddddddddy's telling me yeeeees!!

This green trilby has also been on my radar and taunting me in the sale. 

If you haven't noticed by now, I'm really digging tassels - I think tassel earrings in particular are going to be huge. These two pairs from Nasty Gal are on my never ending wishlist. This blue gem cuff also tickles my fancy.

Moccasin Slippers? Yes please!!!!

January is brimming with my friends and family's birthdays, so I've been a cake baking machine! These adorable mushroom measuring spoons would look darling in my kitchen. They remind me of something from Alice in Wonderland, I can imagine the Mad Hatter would own a pair.

They also remind me of this cute toadstool blouse they sold many moons ago...

I visited Swedish family friends in the summer and have been enamoured with all things Scandi since! I'd love to whizz up a few recipes from this book.

"The book is suffused with 'hygge', a Danish word that has no English equivalent but means relaxing with friends over good food and drink." 

Wouldn't it be great if drinking from goblets was
socially acceptable (and capes) ?

As I own so many rings, I'm always loosing them and finding them months later in the oddest places. This quirky cephalopod ring holder would be ideal on my bedside table.

I love the clashing colours of this pendant necklace: Agate stone, tassel, rosary beads design, jade-green aesthetic... what more could you possibly want? I might have to get my boyfriend to recreate something similar, once he's opened his jewellery shop!

These are exactly why I'm watching my pennies, because I buy silly things... but c'mon, how cute are these polka dot pencils?!

I (surprisingly) haven't included any candles, but that's simply because I went and bloody bought them all back in December. Discount codes make me do great things, TERRIBLE but great things. (If you get that reference, I salute you!)

What goodies are testing your restraint at the moment? ;-)