Sunday, 30 July 2017

Style Crush #12 Sunday Grace

This week's style crush is dedicated to the former Princess of Monaco and classic Hollywood icon, Grace Kelly. There really was no one quite like her, nor will there ever be.

Alfred Hitchcock celebrates his 55th birthday on the set of To Catch a Thief in 1954.

Grace with her beloved poodle Oliver on the SS Constitution on the way to Monaco, 1956.

I utterly adore this photograph of Grace with Louis Armstrong on the set of High Society (1956), which was her last Hollywood movie. Louis later presented her with an autographed copy of his autobiography with the inscription: "To Miss Grace Kelly. When I was in school, I read up on all the great princesses. But Madam Grace you cut ’em all. Best wishes from Louis Armstrong.“

Staring into Cary Grant's eyes in To Catch A Thief (1955)...

Here's Grace smouldering in my all time favourite Hitchcock movie Rear Window (1954).

Cor, what a film!

Grace practising fencing on the set of The Swan (1956).

This baby blue gown and open straw bag combo in High Society is everything.

& don't get me started on this killer ensemble:

The iconic profile...


In 1956 Grace took her royal title, ironically whilst filming The Swan. Here she is with her beloved Prince Rainier sailing away on their honeymoon.

Their Serene Highnesses Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco.

The look of love...

The following love letter is from Prince Rainier to Grace, written in early April 1956, just before Grace left the U.S. for Monaco:

My darling This to tell in a very mild way how terribly much I love you. Miss you, need you , and want you near me always. Safe trip my love. Rest relax and think of me burning myself out with this terrible longing of you, for you! I love you so.

Princess Grace, who looked strikingly regal, rode by gondola down the Grand Canal in Venice to the midnight to dawn masked ball. She was accompanied by three silk-hooded men. One was her husband Prince Rainier, the other two attendants.

Prince Rainier donates blood while Princess Grace looks on. National Blood Week, November 1958.

How chic is this golden Dior maternity coat?

Christmas 1959

Princess Grace and Rainier of Monaco with their children Stephanie and Albert at the balcony of the palace for national day. November 19, 1972.

Like mother like daughter...

It's no surprises why the royal couple's wedding has been labelled the wedding of the century. Grace's elegant wedding dress and six tier cake are the epitome of iconic.

La dolce vita!