Friday, 14 July 2017

Summer Haul


I wore these frill trousers on a recent night out and received so many compliments ~ even the lads I work with were fans of them!

This shirt is ideal for throwing on over my swimsuit at a beach bar. It'll also be ace in the winter over hoodies for an extra layer and texture.

Tulle tops over band tops are my go-to this SS.

I doubt I'll be taking this to Corfu but it was only four squidaroonies and c'mon, it's lilac! I can see myself living in this under my corduroy overalls all winter.

There's something so classic and chic about Mickey Mouse. The OG.

I'm still not over Lemonade.


Another classic shirt to wear as the sun sets or to scrunch up at the beach as a pillow.

I love the nautical print on this pj set which immediately caught my eye as it reminded me of this dreamy pair of trousers I once saw Margherita Missoni sporting:

Can you believe I found them in the teenage boys range and that they were just £13 in the sale?! 

River Island

If you're in the market for a flattering, comfortable and affordable pair of jeans, I recommend the Molly cut. I also bought their shorts counterpart but they're in the wash.

Dorothy Perkins

DP isn't typically a shop I frequent but their shoe range and mega sale has won me over.

I ended up buying these western buckle sandals and a blue velvet pair too.


As a little pat on the back to myself for juggling three jobs during the winter, I treated myself to this playful Moschino mouse trap phone case.


I also treated myself to this scorpio silk eye mask from their dreamy zodiac collection.


I picked up a few accessories from my local charity shops that gave me serious Dial P for Panther vibes. In case you were wondering, that's my SS17 theme this year!

I also have an ASOS order in the post so I'll be sure to feature those goodies in some OOTD's this summer shot on location in Greece.

What's your SS17 theme?

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Summer Mood board

In a few days time I'll be heading home to Greece for eight weeks of beach bars, morning swims, sand castle offices and all the chocofreta I can handle. I'm BUZZing!

Helena Christensen. Hat by John Galliano 1992.

Leaving my last shift like...

R. Crumb

Blondie / 1978 Lynn Goldsmith

Garden with cat - Alexandrine Kelder Gortmans 1962

My best packing tip? 
If you're heading to the med, watch The Talented Mr. Ripley before you tackle your suitcase.

Carolyn Murphy by Steven Meisel for Vogue US Oct.1998

Jerry Hall / Vogue 1975 by Norman Parkinson

D&G earrings / @grantcornett


Moschino SS18

French Fries in the Nose by Ronald Hammega

I'm still, I'm still...

L'Eau ou La Baigneuse by Frantisek Kupka 1906/1909

My current phone screensaver.

Charles Traub

Isle of Capri, Ladies having spaghetti and wine while they float 1939

me too

Seville Still Life, Henri Matisse, 1911

Elizabeth Taylor by Helmut Newton, 1985

Suzy Parker wearing Manuel Pertegaz's coat. Photo taken by Henry Clarke for British Vogue, 1954


What's the date?


Jeremy Scott on how to be the perfect Moschino girl

I hope you all have a summer to remember. 
Don't forget to have a little too much fun ;-)