Thursday, 7 December 2017

Nothing Could Be Grander Than To Be In Louisiana

If you're a big fan of the snooze button, this one's for you. For as long as I can remember my nickname has been sleeping beauty. Alas it ain't for my captivating looks, it's cos your girl loves her sleep. 

My sleeping pattern has always been rocky and I'm your typical night owl. I just find that I am most productive during the night as there are less distractions - both irl and online. Everyone is asleep so your time is undisturbed and your social media feed is dormant. The witching hour is generally my golden time to knuckle down and write.

Luckily I typically work 4pm until midnight which compliments my body clock. However since moving back to London and gorging on the feast of events and people to catch up with, I've been striving to wake up earlier. Here are some of my top tips that I've found are mega effective.

Waking up early is a process. A process that begins the night before. Suss out how many hours of sleep you need to function (and not feel like utter shit) and plan your bedtime accordingly. To avoid late night scrolling, BUY AN ACTUAL ALARM CLOCK. Put your phone on airplane mode one hour before you go to sleep and unleash those shackles for a peaceful rest.

If you lack willpower, be tactical with where you place your alarm. Hide it somewhere that is tricky to retrieve to combat your hand repeatedly slamming the snooze button. It will also force you to physically get out of bed!

Showering as soon as you wake up helps tremendously. Travis was on to something when he sang icy love icy like a hockey puck - the colder the shower, the better!

Have a bottle of water on your bedside table. If the alarm calls don't wake you up, mother nature will.

If you're a zombie first thing, make life easier for yourself and lay out your clothes the evening before.

Also create a checklist manifesto of things you want to accomplish the night before. Be meticulous.

Have a BEDTIME alarm set for one hour before you want to fall asleep. The alarm should trigger you to start your evening routine and cast your phone aside.

Get a pet. Seriously - my two little tinkers are the best (and cutest) alarm clock in the world.

Routine and coffee are your bff. A naughty breakfast is also a good incentive that helps me get out of bed such as coco pop rocks or cinnamon toast crunch.

When all else fails, attach metal springs to your shoe soles.

Congratulations. You just got out of bed!