Monday, 20 November 2017

I Must Remember To Water The Garden

I bagged myself a national poetry library card recently and the first book I took out was Rupi Kaur's eagerly anticipated the sun and her flowers. I remember being at a dinner party at the magnificent San Stefano estate in Corfu a few summers back and being lucky enough to be sat across the most enchanting and fascinating stranger, Maya. Maya was many things but the most noble no doubt was her work as a humanitarian activist. Once we reached the topic of what I had recently graduated in, creative writing, she implored me to read Milk and Honey. I've been hooked on Rupi ever since.

Not only is Maya now the UN Partnerships Manager of Oxfam (mega proud) but she's also a lady I'm lucky enough to call friend.

Thank you Maya for bringing Rupi into my world. I implore you to dive into her work too!