Wednesday, 23 May 2018


If you're not already following Mari Andrew on the 'gram, today is the day. Her posts never fail to uplift me and always seem to pop up on my feed when I need them most. My camera roll is basically a collection of Mari's poignant illustrations, my cousin's dalmatians, my brother's twin godchildren, Corfiot sunrises and my 2 black cats. Here are just a few corkers that I've screenshotted:

Mari (pronounced like starry) has a knack for tugging at the heart strings and making us all think "you too?! I thought I was alone!". Her snarky captions always crack me up too, eg shout out to bagels, one of her many hysterical retorts on single life.

The gap is infinite.

Not much to you, but everything to me.

Membership fee was high, but here we are.

Oh how I treasure those plateau moments.

Clarity & honesty now = less resentment later.

Don't compliment a woman by putting down other women!!

Omg is he waiting for Bella Hadid to call in the next 2 days??

When u get the feeling that everyone in NYC is listening to the same album.

Reminds me of CC Bloom's killer line.

Mari's magical things I've seen in NYC so far series is so heartwarming and sprinkles a welcomed dose of joie de vivre on my feed. Her candid sightings include 2 doormen doing a secret handshake of delight when a resident takes a date home and a trilingual cat:

Mari's debut book Am I there yet? shook the The New York Times best seller list and I couldn't' be happier for her blooming success. I'm so excited to see where her journey takes her and hope that someday she'll do a workshop in Manchester so we can pick her brain!