Wednesday, 2 May 2018


An uber-glamorous cookbook has just landed on my desk from the eccentric family who live life in colour.

You best believe I'll be rustling up some Missoni family favourites at our next dinner party. In fact I once teared out hostess w the mostest Angela Missoni's delicious panna cotta recipe from a Grazia Christmas special which I still refer to. Margherita's killer palatschinken recipe also made me a few friends at uni:

Best served w apricot jam and rolled up like a carpet. Margherita's top tip is to replace part of the milk w beetroot juice to create a pink pancake. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

The Missonis' One and Only Chocolate Pudding.

The marvellous book is curated by Francesco, son of the brand's creative director, Angela.

Missoni matriarch, Nonna Rosita, with a plate of sea urchins in Croatia during the '90s:

In the warmer months, a Missoni dinner party is likely to finish w a delightful spicchi de arance e pompelmo (that's a sweet orange and grapefruit salad to you and me).

Gnocchi verdi - because yellow gnocchi is too mainstream.

I follow Angela on insta for serious interior and dinner party inspo.
The more colourful and kooky the design, the better.