Tuesday, 24 April 2018

No - Daisy By Marc Jacobs Did Not Make The Cut

I thought it'd be interesting to explore my perfume evolution ~ it's fascinating how over the years my taste reflects the zeitgeist of its time and gradually mature, or - dare I say - sophisticate.

Every Brit kid stockpiled for the apocalypse when the Spice Girls impulse spray dropped.

Tacky celeb perfumes at its peak.

The maybelline dream matte mousse of the noughties perfume world. That David Gandy advert was a pivotal moment in many teenage girls adolescence...

I also wore Davidoff cool water for a good few years in high school simply because Sawyer and Kate from Lost were the ambassadors lol.

Awkward teenage phase when I smelled like Coleen Mcloughlin and wanted moon boots for Christmas.

If sixth form was a smell, it would be this. The cringe was rrreal though when someone would ask what I was wearing and I had to reply princess. *shudders*

My mother's signature scents that I used to surreptitiously douse my coat in before rushing to school.

Both of my grandmother's signature scents. I still have the talc puff that my nana sent over to Greece from England in 2001. She knew how much I missed her cuddles and how they smelt of Estée Lauder Beautiful. I'm not crying, you're crying!

Uni: when I began to step up my game.

Best bottle award goes to my brother's collection ~ is it shaped like a fist or grenade?

My gf's signature scents ~ you know who you are!

My current signature scents drift between Kenzo world & Issey Miyaki L'eau. My mum actually wore this Issey perfume when she lived Japan and when I was a toddler. The smell is super duper nostalgic - well, as are all of these. The power of scent is not to be underestimated.

If you don't dip into Sephora from time to time and spray your ex's perfume, you're lying.

Before I leave you I thought I'd share my number one tip when it comes to perfume. Always put it on nude. I don't make the rules...